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This game literally made me hate bikes for some reason, but i still like the game even tho i bitched too much about the controls. Realism 10/10 VLC cones 1, Me 0

Me and this game have a love hate relationship, It loves to piss me off and i hate that it's so addicting


I suck but I still love this! The reflectors add so much to the charm for some reason :D

Thanks. You mean the reflectors in the wheels, or the ones in pedals? All the bikes had those in the pedals, in the Netherlands, when I grew up in the 70s. I think you had to have them by law.

I didn't notice that the pedals also had some ^^

By the way, is there a way to hide the game controller image and/or the graphs?

try tilde key ~

Freeze game w right bumper for sshot wo graph

Tilde key isn't removing the controller info for me. Freezing with the right bumper removes the controller but not the graphs. Got the latest version. Love the game btw, wish I could remove the UI stuff tho.

PS: do you plan to make win32 releases of your other games?